The development and stages of acne

If you are going through a condition where a tiny red spots have appeared on your skin then it could be acne.Acne is a stubborn skin infection which is generally caused by the clogged hair follicles or excessive production of oil by the sebaceous gland.

hair follicles for acne If dead skin cells and bacteria get accumulated on your skin then you are at the prone risk of developing this condition. The condition of acne generally influences teenaged and adolescent. This is a very common skin related issue throughout the world. If we claim that nearly every person has to go through this skin condition at least once in their entire life then I don’t think anyone will deny with our claim.


Different Stages of Acne

Acne has to go through different sorts of stages during their entire life cycle. Generally, the complications of acne occur with minor indications as sometimes these indications remain unnoticed. In this stage of acne you might not get worried about your condition. However, when the time passes you might experience some tiny zits that are continuously increasing their heads and white heads for acne If you take a proper care of this tiny acne you can easily manage your acne complications. But if not it will continue to grow. Gradually these tiny zits may start the formation of small whiteheads and blackheads which could be little bit painful.
This stage generally evolves when your hair follicles become clogged due to above mentioned reasons. However, in this stage you might not experience any inflammation on your face. The next stage of acne may lead to the swelling of your face with certain numbers of spots. Later on you may also experience wound and lesion around your affected area. Later on you may develop the acne stage named papules and later on it will develop into pustules. This stage of acne can cause certain complications such as pain, inflamed skin and bumps.When acne reaches at its later stage it could lead to the development numerous signs and symptoms especially painstages of acne At this stage the most severe stage of acne will began to evolve which are nodules and cysts. Nodules and cysts may lead to development pus filled bumps, your skin cells will began to die and bacteria may accumulate on your skin. In this stage of acne you generally need to see acne experts and as soon as possible you need to go for the right medications. If you still don’t take the action against acne then it has the sufficient potential to ruin your face if you have acne around your face. This will come as acne scars on your face after you get rid of acne.


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